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The Experimental Psychology Laboratory ( LabPsiExp ) integrates Labpsicom , usually being the place where take place as Psychological laboratory evaluations nos STUDIES taking place in EPCV OU not COPELABS ULHT .

The Labispexp consists 4 soundproofed, light-controlled, and temperature-controlled rooms with 4 pc’s, a virtual reality system, an eye-tracker, and psycho physiological measurement equipment.

This lab boasts psychophysiological and behavioral measures that allows full assessments of Several Psychological phenomena.

The next table demonstrates how Size Availability no Labpsiexp , as well as IT Scientific and applicability description .

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Equipment Description Application areas
Electroencephalography with 64 channel resolution (EEG – Brain Products, GmbH) Electrophysiological changes in the CNS. Brain activity and Event Related Potentials. Brain cognitive potentials assessment in function of a experimental condition (endogenous factors in perceptual, memory or attentional tasks.
Electocardiography (ECG – Biopac Systems, Inc) Heart frequency Peripheral indicators of ANS activity that can be used in the study of Emotions (e.g., response of the ANS to emotional stimuli).  
Skin conductance (SCL – Biopac Systems, Inc) Skin conductance level or response.
Electromyography (EMG – Biopac Systems, Inc) Activity produced by skeletal muscles Peripheral indicator of the SNS activity underlying the activation of different muscle groups. (e.g., facial electromyography in different emotional states).
Electrooculography (EOG- Biopac Systems, Inc) Ocular movements Electrophysiological measures that can be used to assess horizontal and vertical eye movements during experimental setups.
Student Lab (Biopac Systems, Inc) A system to conduct basic psychophysiological experiments and teaching of psychophysiology This system is used mainly to teaching psychophysiology. It is equipped with several manuals and recording templates for peripheral and central electrophysiological measures.
Eye Tracking (Tobii Technology) Pupil response or ocular movements assessment (ocular fixations and saccades) Selective attention measures that can be used in several areas, from cognitive psychology, to psycholinguistics and neuromarketing.